Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 3 - April PAD

From Poetic Asides:
Today's prompt is to write a poem in which you imagine the world without you. Since my favorite movie (It's a Wonderful Life) plays with this idea, I'm surprised I've never used this prompt before. The world could be a much worse place without you, could be pretty much the same, or I guess, it could even be better. Anyway, it's interesting to contemplate our individual contributions to this planet in ways small and large.

Less Me

One less file at city hall
one less mother’s worried call
one less turtle kept as pet
one less little toy Corvette
one less hymnal open wide
one less kiddie pool outside
one less talk of birds and bees
one less clubhouse in the trees
one less angry sentence penned
one less tempted into sin
one less dent in some old Ford
one less sheath for four men’s swords
one less old professor’s ire
one less writer on the wire
one less photo dubbed as art
one less patient on the chart
one less voice against the grain

a thousand minds that go unchanged

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